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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 9, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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possible. >> the body is female. we are waiting additional confirmation on the identity. >> reporter: oakland police say they developed information late this morning that led their search vacaville. >> it was an area that was specific in our search's scope. >> reporter: investigators would not say who led them here. they have detained and questioned this man, randy alana a few days ago and called him a person of interest. alana and coke dated about 20 years ago. alana is considered a high risk sex offender in and out of jail. he contacted coke and was last seen with her before she disappeared on august 4. >> we're talking about august 4 sometime after 8:30. they were seen together. >> reporter: the body was found near new life church. the lead pastor is shocked. >> very sad.
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it is easy exit, easy entrance to the freeway. >> reporter: we're waiting to hear back to see whether the police have upgraded the status from person of interest to suspect of randy alana but haven't heard back. >> da, regardless of identity here, are they saying how this particular woman died or when she died? >> reporter: no. they're not saying much. they are tight-lipped about the body that was found. so far the only thing that they said is that she is a female and that it is a location that they were told to search for her. >> all right. da lin, thanks. da said he hadn't gotten calls back but our information the latest is that randy alana is still a person of interest in the disappearance. the registered sex offender was arrested tuesday on an unrelated parole violation. he has prier convictions for rape and kidnapping but his criminal past extends furthered. we spent the day digging deeper into his background what we found out is coming up tonight
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at 6:00. and more breaking news. governor brown says he will step in to avoid a bart strike if the unions and management can't figure out a deal. ryan takeo is live in oakland with the plan the governor is putting into motion. ryan. >> reporter: the governor is urging both sides to think about the public. he doesn't want the bay area to go through another strike like it did a month ago. the decision came after that board of inquiry gave the governor its results. they met with both sides earlier this week. bart says this is not coming as a surprise for them. it was clear at wednesday's board of inquiry meeting that both sides are far apart. they are around $60 million apart on a three-year deal. contracts for bart are normally four years. the unions oppose the cooling- off period. they argue bart will continue the slow-moving tactics in their words. we asked bart if there has not been a deal until now, what good will another two months do? what is this 60 days really going to do? >> the big fear when it comes
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to the 60-day cooling-off period which is why we try to prevent them for as long as possible is because everyone is afraid it will slow things down. but no one wants to slow talks down. everyone wants to continue to be at the table as long as possible negotiating. >> reporter: both sides will continue to talk today and throughout the weekend. there is a chance that they could reach a deal before that court hearing on sunday morning. >> ryan, a cooling-off period sounds good, everybody can soothe their tempers, take a deep breath and really go back to the bargaining table to reach a deal but what is a 60- day cooling-off period? what does that really involve? >> reporter: it's just the time to allow the trains to keep moving. that's what the governor wants. he didn't want the bay area to go through another strike. >> sure. all right, ryan. thank you. also, developing news in the search for a missing san diego teenager. now, police have found the car of her suspected kidnapper. the search for james dimaggio
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and 16-year-old hannah anderson started down in san diego county on sunday. it's where police found two bodies inside a burning home. the focus now is hundreds of miles away. search teams are working a rural and rugged part of idaho outside the town of cascade. cbs reporter jericka duncan reports the new lead comes thanks to a chance encounter between horseback riders and the fugitive. >> reporter: a car belonging to california murder suspect james dimaggio has been found in idaho and police say dimaggio appears to be traveling with a missing 15-year-old, hannah anderson. >> the blue nissan versa was discovered covered in brush. the license plates had been removed. >> reporter: the car was found this morning near cascade, idaho, more than 800 miles from san diego. that's where dimaggio's house was found in flames sunday. inside, the burned bodies of anderson's mother, christina, and a child believed to be her 8-year-old brother ethan also
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missing. the 40-year-old dimaggio was a family friend of the andersons'. authorities said he had an unusual infatuation with the girl. police say horseback riders in idaho saw two people with camping gear. they matched the description of dimaggio and anderson. >> they came back late wednesday night and upon seeing some news of the missing hannah and dimaggio, contacted local law enforcement. >> reporter: both appeared to be in good health. >> as far as we know, it didn't look like she was being held against her will. >> reporter: on thursday, anderson's father spoke out to dimaggio. >> the damage is done. just let my daughter go. let her go home safe. let her be with me and try to mend things from there. >> reporter: dimaggio is wanted on suspicion of murder and arson. jericka duncan, cbs news. >> bomb and arson experts are going to examine the car because authorities had warned earlier dimaggio may be traveling with homemade explosives. president obama is offering
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to reform parts of those controversial nsa spying programs even though he says the spying is being done within the law. one change involves creating an independent attorney to challenge the government before the secret court that approves surveillance efforts. the president also wants more transparency overall. he plans to have an independent group of experts review the government's intelligence technologies and the president also voiced his opinion about nsa leaker edward snowden. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. as i said in my opening remarks, i called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before mr. snowden made these leaks. my preference -- and i think the american people's preference -- would have been for a lawful orderly examination of these laws. >> on the same subject, we're learning top executives from bay area tech companies met
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with the president yesterday. representative from apple, google and at&t met at the white house to discuss their concerns about government surveillance and digital privacy. the tech companies are worried that information demanded by the national security agency could damage their reputations. one of the biggest bay area music summer festivals just got started. and the crowds are already pouring in. >> i'm ken bastida live in golden gate park. 100,000 people expected at the outside lands music festival. we'll have a live report. >> ken has a jacket on, smart guy. pretty chilly in the city still. highs in the low 60s today. warmer elsewhere as temperatures continue their very slow climb from well below normal. where do we do this weekend and beyond? my forecast coming up. >> also ahead, focusing on one rule of the road. the antitexting message coming to classrooms. ,,,,,,
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getting some medical attentn after falling off a roof. it happened a short time ago, e a san francisco firefighter
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is getting some medical attention after falling off a roof. it happened as he battled an apartment fire on treasure island a short time ago. did not appear to be injured. music fans are streaming into san francisco for the big outside lands festival this weekend. >> a lot of them. ken bastida live with mobile5 at golden gate park and yup, there's a few right behind you. >> reporter: yeah. you know, mobile5, we get in here we're about 40 yards from the twin peaks stage. this is one of four stages set up for this amazing music festival. the sixth annual outside lands music, food, wine, beer, and arts festival and that's pretty much saying it all. people have been streaming in all afternoon long parking a nightmare. traffic a nightmare around golden gate park. and tonight, the headliner, sir paul mccartney. how strange that 47 years ago, mccartney and the beatles
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played their final outdoor concert at candlestick park just down the road. mccartney back tonight to a sellout crowd. and people talking about the music as they are walking in. a lot of new music this weekend with 80 acts. but a lot of old school stuff, as well. >> i'm looking forward to seeing paul mccartney and also hall & oates. >> old school. >> i love old school stuff because my parents grew up with it. i listened to it when i was younger. so it's always good stuff. and she's -- >> i can't go for that, whoa, whoa. no can do ♪. >> reporter: nine inch nails, red-hot chili peppers, a really good line-up. they have been doing this for six years. big problem has always been parking. there's a startup company, park please, that was able to find 1,000 spaces last year for people going online and people just renting out their driveways and the parking spaces in front of their
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houses. take public transportation if you are coming down. and also, we are going to be streaming on radio alice and live 105, 40 of the acts all weekend long. so you will be able to watch some of that on your computer if you can't make it here. the band is kicking up right now. so we got to go. allen, back to you. >> if you know which one is hall and which one is oates then you're really old school. >> then you have been around as long as we have. >> thanks, ken. have fun. last night the 49ers kicked off their preseason against the broncos and tonight the raiders will take the field. chopper 5 was over the coliseum earlier today. you can expect traffic in the area as fans make their way to the game. the raiders face the cowboys. kickoff at 7:00. getting teens to put down their phones and pay attention behind the wheel. the new push coming to schools and the old school method it uses to get the message across. >> you pay for an extended warranty thinking you'll be covered for everything.
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but one car buyer's deal fell short of her expectations. how consumerwatch stepped in to get the fix she needed. uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is!
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say students posted pictures of standardized exam material online and, of course, they say that material could have given other test takers an advantage. generations of high school students were warned about the dangers of drinking and driving. there was a classic drivers ed scare movie first shown in the 1960s. the graphic film depicted fatal car accidents. fast forward to today. new message and new video. a hollywood filmmaker produced a chilling 35-minute documentary on an equally dangerous topic. texting while driving. some say it might be one of the most effective public service messages ever. don knapp on the message hitting teens hard. the driver that killed my daughter and injured my wife, you know, she was almost going to get away with no time in jail. reporter: in this rohnert park crosswalk, texting teenaged driver struck jeff murray's wife and 2-year-old daughter. the driver was sentenced to
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five days in jail and four months home detention. for the murray family the pain of the child's death has been slow to dissipate. 2.5 years after the little girl died here, people continue to leave flowers. murray campaigned for cali's law a crackdown on texting and distracted driving. >> you get caught distracted driving, you know, i mean, for me idealy you go to jail for a week and live without your family. you know? i have a lifetime of living without my daughter. >> reporter: it's estimated that at any given daylight moment 660,000 americans are using mobile devices behind the wheel. >> i can't speak for them what happens when they kill somebody how they're going to feel. but i could sure let you know how the family is going to feel. >> i had my brother in my hands. and all of a sudden, my hand was empty. >> reporter: this werner herr on documentary entitled from one second to the next shows with painfully personal experiences the unintended consequences of driving while distracted. it will be distributed to 40,000 high schools across the
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united states. today murray says without emphasis on drivers ed, kids just aren't getting the message about distracted driving. >> if you see my face driving by you yelling while you're on the phone, that's me. you know? because i -- i'm a big proponent of, you know, don't do it. >> reporter: in sonoma county, don knapp, kpix 5. >> to view the new video in its entirety, we have a link to it posted on our website, be careful no matter what. all right. we have music, baseball, america's cup, you number it, this weekend is jam-packed. >> the forecast is getting milder. we're not going to call it warm or hot. it won't be. we are improving if you like the warmer weather. live look outside right now we have the sunshine from our mount vaca cam. and it's not as chilly. you're going to see more 80s coming up over the next several days as opposed to the 70s that you have been stuck in. speaking of stuck, how about the traffic getting into the city with all these things going on? in the city right now, it's 64. san jose and santa rosa
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seasonably cool 72. livermore 77. concord currently 75 degrees. take a look at kpix 5 hi-def doppler a couple of days ago i showed you the fire danger north of us increasing because of thunderstorms. well, there are the thunderstorms just to the north of you in clearlake so watch the out lake county, mendocino county, all the way up 5 and 101 toward redding and eureka. a thunderstorm chance through the evening tonight. another chance coming up tomorrow. overnight lows in the mid-50s. san rafael 55. san francisco 55. it will be a cloudy start in oakland and mountain view with lows in the upper 50s and san jose down to 57 degrees. here's the satellite and radar review. what we have going on right now is a big area of low pressure. i have been showing you it for the past week and a half, slowly migrating to the north. that big swirl there is moving farther away from us exerting less influence on our weather. sunday is the big transition day low pressure off the washington and oregon coastlines giving us a lighter onshore flow. onshore flow still going to be there. we are not going to get hot or warm for this time of year. but with a light to moderate
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onshore flow like mother nature's air-conditioning we'll be pleasant with lots of afternoon sunshine. and temperatures getting much closer to normal so that transition day is sunday. now, the bay and the coast you're still going to have morning fog and low cloud cover and drizzle, but your afternoons will be milder. and inland it's all about the sunshine for you and a lot more 80s than the 70s you have had recently. san jose tomorrow milder 76. livermore you'll be up to 81. still about 6 or 7 degrees below average though. mountain view 73. san mateo, union city, fremont, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, low 70s. san ramon 80. pittsburg 80. walnut creek, pleasanton, 81 saturday. mill valley 74. novato 73. 64 san francisco tomorrow for all the concerts going on golden gate park. san leandro 68. up toward clearlake fewer thunderstorms tomorrow with a high of 89 degrees. sunday we're four degrees milder away from the water where we level off the mid-80s and near the bay highs around 70 degrees. pretty pleasant, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, all
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the way through next workweek. let's go outside. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is with mobile weather in downtown san jose. >> reporter: what a gorgeous evening in progress here in san jose. in fact, the advertised 82, it is current -- the average high 82, it's currently 78 degrees. it's always a treat when mobile weather can come here to san jose because way back in the day that my mom actually used to pick in the fields in san jose and here i am standing outside the glorious fairmont hotel. the fountains are flowing and it's time for the 24th annual san jose jazz summerfest. to tell us what we can expect this year, arturo, pleasure to see you again this year. >> thanks for something us. we're excited today. you're hearing the beginning of an r and b dance fest at the major stage with cameo, afrolicious and the san francisco jazz mafia today and on the latin stage a tribute to ray boreto with josh jones and all-star lewis romero and [ non- english language ] >> reporter: i think this is
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important for everybody to understand. first of all we have over 100 bands tonight through sunday. not just latin, not just jazz. it's a whole bunch of different sounds. >> absolutely. we're representing the whole world. we have colombia, south asia, we've got cuba. we have the whole planet here representing what is now the complexion of silicon valley. at only $20 a day, we're the at least expensive and most affordable ticket. >> reporter: 11 stages all throughout downtown san jose. the weather is going to be so gorgeous all weekend long. reporting for mobile weather right here in san jose. we'll have more of the sights and sounds coming up at 6:00 tonight. roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> looks like fun. thank you. you can find a guide to the san jose jazz fest on our website, go to and click on events. a bay area woman demands a fix from toyota. but the car dealer doesn't budge at first. here's sue kwon with what consumerwatch did to resolve
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her complaint. reporter: bonnie likes her new prius. she is just not crazy about the arm rest. it's been possibleling since day one. >> every time i put my arm on that that's the way it was. >> reporter: not a huge deal but bonnie wanted it fixed and assumed it wouldn't be a problem. when she bought the car she paid an extra $1,500 for an extended eight-year warranty an extra layer of protection she was told would cover everything on the car. except the tires. but when bonnie brought her prius back for a repair, she was told she was on her own. >> said no, that the break was my fault and that they wouldn't cover it. >> reporter: the dealer told her the warranty does not cover problems caused by the customer. now bonnie insists she did not cause the arm rest to wobble. she also says she did not see that restriction because she was not given a written copy of the contract at the time of the sale. it arrived in the mail weeks after she bought the car. >> this would go in. >> reporter: unable to rest
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about the arm rest, bonnie contacted consumerwatch. and we contacted toyota. the carmaker said the exclusion for customer-caused issues is a standard provision in all car warranties. but it also agreed to fix bonnie's arm rest for free. >> absolutely grateful. >> reporter: it sounds so simple but we do forget. remember to read all contracts before signing on the dotted line and call consumerwatch if you need help resolving the consumer issue. our very knowledgeable volunteers are at 888-5-helps- u. >> because it's not really what arrives in the mail. it's what you sign. >> reporter: right. that was a case where i think they wanted to do what's right based on our phone call but -- >> all right. thanks, sue. apologizing to oprah. the shopping incident that the talk show queen calls racist and who is left is saying "sorry." ,,,,,,,, the critics agree, build your
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her. the t-v icon was in zurich a swiss retailer is doing damage control after oprah says a store employee made a racist comment to her. the tv icon was in zurich last month looking for a high-end handbag. oprah says when she asked to see a $38,000 bag, the shop assistant told her she couldn't afford it and directed her to a cheaper item. the owner of the luxury shop claims the assistant never meant to offend oprah and blames the incident on a language barrier. swiss tourism officials have also apologized to oprah. >> oprah didn't say i used to
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give $38,000 bags to everybody in my audience! can't believe she didn't. >> how do you not recognize oprah? now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." we have jeff glor tonight in for scott pelley. jeff. >> allen and liz, good evening to you. the president mounting new efforts to restore public trust in his words following a series of damaging national security leaks. we'll have more from the white house. also, the godfather of mexican drug trafficking, the man who ordered the killing of an american drug agent, has his conviction overturned. he is out of prison. we'll have details tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30, right after kpix 5 news. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement.
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much more on the man last sn with sandra coke, before she disappeared. what kpix-5 has learned about the crimil new at 6:00 tonight, much more on the man last seen with sandra coke before she disappeared. what kpix 5 has learned about the criminal history of randy alana. plus -- >> if this places closes down, i don't know what i'm going to do. it's just making it harder on us. >> why a bay area recycling center is being evicted. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news" is next. >> and the latest news and weather are always on see you in 30. captions by: caption colorado
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>> glor: tonight, reining in government surveillance. the president promises new privacy protection more and openness. >> we can be more transparent. >> glor: major garrett is at the white house. >> glor: firefighters make progress at the wildfire in california but is it enough to save 500 homes? ben tracy is there. he ordered the killing of an american agent 28 years ago. now the godfather of mexican drug trafficking is out, his conviction overturned. >> we are angry. .e are mad. this is personal. >> glor: sharyl attkisson on the case of caro quintero. and what on earth was frank kovac building in his backyard. >> there was a huge sphere covered up by a blue tarp. witelley: steve hartman with the big reveal "on the road." th" captioning sponsored by cbs captioning s this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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